Discovering the Septuagint

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Do you want to wade into the Septuagint before jumping into the deep end?
In The Daily Dose of Greek weekend edition, Dr. Robert Plummer at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary overviews several resources to begin or continue your journey into the Septuagint, including Discovering the Septuagint by Karen H. Jobes.

This reader presents, in Septuagint canonical order, ten Greek texts from the Rahlfs—Hanhart Septuaginta critical edition. It explains the syntax, grammar, and vocabulary of more than 700 verses from select Old Testament texts representing a variety of genres, including the Psalms, the Prophets, and more.

Interest in the Septuagint today continues to grow stronger. Despite that interest, students have lacked a guidebook to the text similar to the readers and handbooks that exist for the Greek New Testament. Discovering the Septuagint: A Guided Reader fills that need. Created by an expert on the Septuagint, this groundbreaking resource draws on Jobes’s experience as an educator in order to help upper–level college, seminary, and graduate students cultivate skill in reading the Greek Old Testament.

Discovering the Septuagint is available now. If you are interested in adopting this book for a college or seminary course, please request a faculty examination copy. We will also consider requests for your blog or media outlets.

“Based on her expertise as a Septuagint specialist and her experience as a class-room teacher, Jobes has identified—and admirably filled—a significant need in the study of KoineGreek. For the first time, students have access to well-chosen, fully annotated selections from all portions of the Septuagint. This is a volume of impeccable scholarship combined with insightful pedagogy.” —Leonard Greenspoon

“Ideal for class use and invaluable for self-study, Discovering the Septuagint is a valuable aid to reading the Greek of the Septuagint in its own right.  The grammar, vocabulary, and syntax of each verse are fully explained by Professor Jobes and her students, along with a brief introduction to each book sampled.” —Alison Salvesen


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